Shipping Policy

1. Products and/or services purchased online will be delivered to the address in or outside of Israel provided by the user when placing the order. Goods may be delivered either by registered mail, delivery service or Israel Postal Authority, subject to website operator discretion.

2. Final delivery date will be in accordance with the delivery terms specified on
the product and/or service page, as defined by the Club.

3. Products and/or services will be sent to the customer subject to full credit card payment, and ownership thereof will be transferred only after the Club’s account is credited with the full amount for the product and/or service.

4. The Club is not liable for any delay and/or failure to supply the product and/or service due to force majeure and/or events over which the Club and/or the site operator and/or the suppliers have no control, including strikes, shutdowns, etc.

5. The delivery charges specified on the site do not include non-standard delivery methods and/or international shipment.

6. In the event of non-standard delivery and/or international shipment, the Club may apply a surcharge to the amount charged for regular delivery.

7. Terms and conditions of the Club and or/the Israel Postal Authority shall be binding to the customer for delivery of all products ordered via the website and will be charged in accordingly.

8. Prior to delivery, each product is be inspected for quality assurance. It will then be packaged (in package or envelope) and prepared for delivery. In the event of anything being missing from a package, the customer must issue a complaint with customer service immediately via email to

9. Delivery times of products/services, as displayed on the product page, relate only to business days and do not include Fridays, Saturdays and Jewish festivals and festival eves. The products will be delivered within 5 business days from the time of the order.

10. Delivery charges will be paid together with the amount due for the product.

11. The customer has the following two delivery options:

A. Home delivery (In Israel only) – The package will be delivered via courier, once in stock you will be contacted by SMS with delivery time and related options.

B. International Delivery – The package will be delivered via Israel Postal Authority within 30 business days of the credit card company’s approval. International delivery is 99 NIS, however, should the order be special a surcharge may be added.

12. Should the customer wish to exchange the item they may do so by contacting This is not applicable on goods manufactured specifically for the consumer, items with printing on special printing on theme or items that have been used.

13. Should the customer wish to return the item they may do so for a 30 NIS delivery fee to the warehouse.

14. Should the customer wish to exchange the item they may do so for a 45 NIS delivery fee to the warehouse and then the return to the customer.

15. In Sale days and week after (Black Friday and more), there will be a slight delay in shipping and may take up to 14 business days.