1. Any product order on the official website may be cancelled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (“Consumer Protection Law”).

2. Following is a brief review of the cancellation regulations (the complete regulations are available in the Consumer Protection Law and they are the binding provisions:

   A. When purchasing a product – as of the transaction date and until 14 days after receipt of the product or receipt of the document containing the details set forth in Sub Article 14C(b) of the Consumer Protection Law, the later of the two.

   B. When purchasing a service – Within 14 days of the transaction or receipt of a document containing the details set forth in Sub Article 14C(b) of the Consumer Protection Law, the later of the two, as set forth below: in a continuous transaction (as defined in the Consumer Protection Law) – whether or not the service has begun, and in a non-continuous transaction – provided that such cancellation is performed at least two days, which are not rest days, prior to the date on which the service is scheduled.

3. Transactions will be cancelled by written notice to Finest Esports Ltd, via e-mail to

4. Cancellation where the product is defective or does not correspond with information provided:

Where the return relates to a defective product or where the product or service is inconsistent with the details provided in its regard or where the product or service was not supplied on the set date or for any other violation of the terms of the contract (“Inconsistency”), Finest Esports Ltd will return within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice the portion of the transaction paid, will cancel the debit for the said transaction and provide you with a copy of the said debit cancellation and will not charge any cancellation fees.  If you have received the product, it must be submitted to Finest Esports Ltd within 14 days in order to execute debit cancellation.

5. Cancellation when not due to a defective product or inconsistency:

When the return does not relate to a defective product or inconsistency, Finest Esports Ltd will return the portion of the transaction paid within 14 days of the return notification and will cancel the debit for the said transaction and provide you with a copy of the said debit cancellation and will not charge any fees beyond a cancellation fee of 5% of the product price or 100 NIS, the lower of the two.

If you have received the product, you are responsible for returning it to our warehouses, at your expense, for a delivery fee of 30 NIS. If you would like to exchange the product the fee with be 45 NIS.

6. Please note: Returning products after they have been damaged in your possession, including the return of a product that was damaged and/or harmed and/or broken and/or impaired and/or whose package was destroyed and/or which was assembled by the customer in a manner that damaged it, is subject to Finest Esports Ltd’s right to claim its damages in this regard. 

To avoid such damage, we recommend that you return the product in its original packaging, whole and/or intact and/or with no damage and/or defects and/or impairments of any kind.

8. Cancellation of a transaction that does not result from a product defect or inconsistency relating to the goods or services set forth in Article 14C(d) of the Law is not possible unless specific authorization was granted by Finest Esports Ltd in this regard.


9. According to the Consumer Protection Law Section 6A(2) the right of cancellation is not applicable on goods manufactured specifically for the consumer based on measurements or special requirements.