We are proud of joining to our team, singer-songwriter Static as an investor and brand ambassador. As the Finest brand ambassador, Static will take part in a variety of activities on behalf of Finest, including competitions and initiatives in various media channels, events and meetings, as well as in the creation of original content with the rest of the organization’s members.
Finest competes at the highest level with four different game versions. All of us at Finest work day and night to turn our love of gaming into a profession, and we were looking for a person who would inspire us and fit our vision, make the most of ourselves and continue to lead the Israeli gaming scene to greater achievements. That’s why we chose static – a talented writer, singer-songwriter, music pioneer and most importantly, a real gamer, one of our own. We are delighted to have static join our family as an investor and ambassador of the group. With him we are confident in our ability to lead the Israeli gamer community to new heights. static is a strategic partner, and will be an integral part of the content that is passed on to all of Finest fans in Israel.

According to Static: “Gaming occupies a large part of my world – I am delighted to be joining the only true computer game industry, which will grow a creative and high-quality generation of young people who will be the best version of themselves. I am a big believer in the Team Finest and in the gaming world, and my decision to join stems from this belief”.