Tezos extends its partnership with Finest for the second year (2022)

Layer one proof-of-stake blockchain Tezos and Team Finest have announced they have renewed their partnership for another year. This renewal of the contract for another year of activity will bring Finest to be the first eSports club in Israel to produce NFT for its fans, proudly built on Tezos.

Last year, Tezos and Team Finest announced a sponsorship agreement for education and blockchain adoption with the eSports organization. Since the first announcement, the Team Finest community has enthusiastically awaited more with the partnership.

As part of the collaboration, the sports club will launch activities for NFT fans as early as this coming summer. NFTs in the Team Finest community will involve giveaways, discounts, access to virtual and in-person events and other various utilities that will create more immersive experiences for the Finest fans.

The partnership is being overseen by Tezos Israel, a non-profit blockchain innovation lab in Tel Aviv dedicated to educate, implement, and develop the Tezos blockchain throughout startups and organizations in Israel.

Elie Terdjman, the Founder of Tezos Israel, said “I’m extremely excited about this partnership. We’ve worked very closely with Team Finest over these past months and I cannot be more enthusiastic about developing an even stronger relationship with the team as this partnership progresses. Blockchain and gaming have always been a perfect collaboration with each other and the past year has certainly shown how this synergy will continue to grow.”

Amir Vahab, the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Team Finest, said “Tezos has shown over the past several years their ability to innovate in a seamless decentralized way while still keeping their blockchain culture intact. Our Team Finest values match closely with their dedication to evolve with the times. Additionally, their eco-friendly validation system is perfect for us as other blockchain’s environmental concerns become more of an issue.”

Expect several announcements from both organizations in the coming months about more developments in their partnership.

About Tezos
Tezos is a layer one, liquid proof-of-stake, blockchain protocol featuring self-upgradability, secure smart contract development, low transaction fees, and an environmentally friendly validation system. Tezos redefines what it means to be upgradable by incorporating each validator through a complete on-chain five-stage voting process. Using this mechanism, Tezos has seamlessly upgraded the network nine times over the past four years. Given Tezos’ cutting edge technology, the Tezos community has developed a thriving ecosystem featuring decentralized applications, NFT’s, partnerships, and real world use-cases. Countless institutions have chosen Tezos for its superior technology to develop their projects and franchises.

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